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Microchipping is Easy

Why is Pet Microchipping Important?

1. Permanent ID if your pet is lost or stolen

Collars break and collar tags can become hard to read.  Because a microchip will not “wear out”, it can permanently and positively identify your pet and link it back to you once it is registered.

Registering your pet’s microchip links your pet’s microchip ID to your name, phone numbers, emergency contacts and other vital information in AKC Reunite’s database. When your lost pet is found, we can then immediately send you text messages, emails and begin contacting all the phone numbers on your pet’s record to reunite you as quickly as possible. As a member of AAHA Pet Microchip Lookup, we register any brand of microchip!

Also, if you ever have a need to update your pets information, because of a move or changing of jobs, you can make updates to your pet’s registration online or by emailing us for no additional charge!

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2. Needed for travel with your pet

When traveling with your pet outside of the United States, it is likely that both a health certificate and a microchip will be required.  For information about health certificates required for your pet’s travel, please contact your veterinarian directly.

The AKC Reunite (Trovan) microchip can be read at the ports of entry in many foreign countries including the European Union, Japan, and Australia. For information about each country’s pet microchipping requirements, visit the USDA website.  As you review each country’s regulations, you will notice many refer to a microchip’s frequency and how it complies with the International Standards Organization, ISO Standard 11784 and 11785.

If your pet’s AKC Reunite microchip begins with the numbers “956” and is 15-digits long, it is a 134.2kHz/ISO microchip. This microchip complies with ISO Standard 11784.

3. If disaster strikes

Download our Emergency Preparedness PDF