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Follow these steps to transfer a pet to a new Primary Contact


There are three ways to initiate
a transfer request for a pet:

  1. Initiate Transfer Request online for $19.50
  2. Complete and send a PAPER FORM for $24.95
  3. Email us a request to send you a paper form

Once the request is received, AKC Reunite will process your transfer and transfer fee. We will email or mail the former primary contact on file requesting approval of the transfer. The primary contact has 30 days to respond.

  • If the primary contact approves or rejects the transfer, the pet’s transfer will be handled accordingly.
  • If the primary contact does not respond within 30 days, the transfer will be completed in your name.

Within 35 days of processing your request:

  • You will receive an email or letter confirming your enrollment transfer request or notification that your request has been declined.
  • If your transfer is declined, your transfer order payment will be refunded.

Transfers are ONLY for changes to the Primary Contact on your pet’s AKC Reunite enrollment record.
Any other changes to your pet’s record – such as phone number, address, alternate and emergency contacts – are considered Record Updates
and can be made for no additional charge with AKC Reunite. You can update your pet’s records by clicking here.