Stop the Escape Artist: Tips for Dogs Who Dash

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By Hilarie Erb, AKC GoodDog! Helpline Trainer

Does your dog look for any opportunity to sneak through the door and dash into the big exciting world? This may be exciting for him, but dashing out into the open is dangerous to your pet’s welfare – and terrifying for you. If this sounds like your dog, take these extra precautions to help keep him safe.

Work on Good Recall: This helpful article will help Teach Your Dog to Come When Called. Recall is a must for your dog’s ultimate safety, but along with this command, there are other things you can do to help manage the situation.

Plan Ahead: If you are expecting lots of people ringing the doorbell – whether your guests are trick-or-treaters, or party guests, or children’s friends – paying close attention to your pet while greeting visitors is difficult. During these exciting times, you should not take chances. Even if your children know how to make sure the dog doesn’t escape, what about each of your guests? To plan for these occasions, put your dog’s crate in a quiet room where he won’t be disturbed by the doorbell. Before the first trick-or-treater or guest arrives, set your dog up in his crate with an extra special chew toy and play music or turn on the television for him.

Train for Everyday Success: If your dog knows how to go to his “place,” it will give you time to answer the door without wrangling with your anxious dog and answering the door. “Place” is a very handy cue for your dog’s repertoire, perfect for when you need him to stay put for just a few minutes. To learn how to teach this to your dog, read: “Go to Your Place.” This helpful command can help prevent your dog’s door-dashing no matter who shows up at the door, unexpectedly or not. And, once your dog knows he will get a treat for going to his “place” before you answer the door, he will be happy to comply. Even better, the doorbell will soon be a cue for your dog to go straight to the crate for a treat!

Good luck with these helpful techniques to help avert your escape artist challenges!

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