We Love Your Feedback

“When I registered Alex, for some reason, call it gut instinct, I decided to also purchase the Poison Control Hotline feature. I dropped a Nexium capsule on the granite table. It bounced off the table toward the floor. Alex with his quick reflexes caught it. I quickly retrieved what was left of it from his mouth but he did ingest some of it. I ‘thought’ Nexium was OK but rather than worry, I called the Poison Control Hotline (which by the way is a very expensive phone call if you don’t have it on your AKC CAR enrollment). I was indeed reassured by the Poison Control staff that Alex was going to be fine. I am sure glad my gut instinct told me to enroll.”
Yvonne S., Facebook Fan
“I hate to have to say that I used this service today. My Stanley got out of the yard, but someone picked him up and called the phone number listed on the tag on his collar, and he is back home safe. This is the best service. If you have pets you need this service. Thank you again AKC Reunite.”
Gayle S., Facebook Fan
“I have recently experienced the success of how the AKC Reunite microchip works to return a lost pet to its home. After leaving my home to head off to his new home and new adventures, Winston, a 3 month old Cavalier puppy was found wandering a lonely two-lane highway travelled extensively by semi trucks. A Good Samaritan picked him up, took him to animal control, they scanned the chip, contacted me and the owner, and Winston was returned safe and sound within 48 hours. Please register your AKC Reunite microchip — it works!”
Juli D., Coosa Creek Cavaliers
“I just wanted to express how much I appreciate the help that I got today.. Nancy was wonderful. She went above and beyond to reunite me with both of my dogs.. Max’s number was worn off, so she had to do some research to figure out who the owners were. Petey is not chipped and has never escaped but by calling the vet Nancy was able to figure that petey belonged to me a well. . I am so happy to be with my dogs again. and I am so glad that you have people like Nancy working for you. She was caring, considerate and she got the job done. Thank you for hiring her. My dogs are part of my family and she was able to bring them back home to me.. I truly appreciate it.”
Mary W., Happy Customer