Boo Boo is AKC Reunited

It was midnight in downtown Los Angeles. Boo Boo’s owner, Tubby, went to grab something out of his trunk and unbeknownst to him, his six-pound Toy Poodle Boo Boo, had slipped through the cracked car door and disappeared into the night. After getting back in his car and driving off, Tubby was horrified when he discovered Boo Boo was gone.

Tubby immediately retraced his steps and began looking for and talking to strangers about Boo Boo — but with no collar or name tag on, Boo Boo essentially vanished without a trace. After searching for hours, Tubby reported his dog missing to AKC Reunite. Within 30 minutes, Tubby’s phone pinged with the address and phone number of the animal hospital holding onto his dog. A few minutes later, Tubby received a call from the good Samaritan that found Boo Boo, housed him for the night, and then took him to the vet’s office to get scanned.

Thanks to Boo Boo’s enrolled microchip, Tubby was contacted immediately by his boy’s safe rescue!

“It’s essential to microchip any animal you love” said Tubby. “And be sure to keep your phone number and email address current on the website for a simplified reunion. Because of his microchip – and ONLY because of his microchip, I went from a miserable wreck, to the luckiest man in the world within twelve hours! Praise the Lord and many thanks to AKC Reunite!”


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