Lucky Lady

“Lady is the happiest dog ever when she knows she is going to the dog park” said her owner Bethany, and this time was no different. She enjoyed an exciting afternoon filled with exploring new sounds, and definitely some new scents — sniffing blades of grass, dogs, and even their owners! And after an eventful and rowdy day of play, Lady and Bethany headed home for a relaxing afternoon.

Soon thereafter, Bethany was contacted by AKC Reunite; apparently, during her day of play, Lady’s dog tags had somehow been removed from her collar, unbeknownst to Bethany, and were located in the dog park!

“Just getting the tags back so easily gave me added confidence in AKC Reunite’s program” said Bethany. “This [recovery service] is a MUST for anyone who loves their dog!”

Identification is critical to protecting pets and that’s why at AKC Reunite we encourage every pet owner to microchip and enroll their pets with our recovery service. Collar tags can only do so much and if a collar tag is the only form of identification, and it somehow comes off your pet’s collar (like Lady’s did), we have no way of protecting your pet. Without the extra safety-net of a microchip, a lost or illegible collar tag means there is no way to link you to your lost or stolen pet.

Protect your pet with extra identification; identification that can’t fall off. Microchip and enroll your pets with AKC Reunite so if something happens, and their collar tag is removed (whether on purpose or by accident), our recovery specialists can help connect you to your lost pet by their individualized microchip number. Don’t delay your pet’s protection any longer!


Triumphant Tokyo

Being the strong-willed dog that he is, Tokyo was determined to not let his dog run hold him back any longer and, in the end, the secure chain was no match.

Jackson the Golden Retriever

Microchips really do work — just ask Alyssa, whose four legged best-friend ran away and was only reunited with her after his microchip was scanned.

Corporal the German Shepherd

Corporal, the 6-month-old German Shepherd puppy, is still learning to follow commands. But after she ran away, her owners worried she may never come home.

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