Max’s Big Day Out

Max the domestic long-hair cat saved one of his nine lives! Since he is an indoor cat, he doesn’t wear a collar, which became especially problematic when he slipped out of the house for a day out on the town. Thankfully Max’s owner, Alesha, had his microchip enrolled with AKC Reunite and added the Lost Pet Alert service, so we could broadcast him missing throughout Max’s community. His owner posted Max’s Lost Pet Alert flyer to Facebook and thankfully a neighbor a few blocks away noticed the cat by her window and recognized that it was in fact Max from Facebook!

“I wish I would’ve put a collar and name tag on Max sooner” said Alesha. “Luckily, the AKC Reunite flyer I was able to download spread rapidly across social media apps like Facebook, Neighbors, and Nextdoor. Had I not posted on social media I may have never gotten Max back. My family and I are extremely satisfied with the services we received from AKC Reunite, and my six-year-old daughter is especially happy her fur brother is back!”


Jet Takes Flight!

It may be his name, but Jet doesn’t normally take off, until one day when he decided to pilot his own adventure. Thankfully AKC Reunite helped him get home!

Cookie the Frequent Flyer

Don’t let Cookie’s small stature fool you — she’s got quite a few stamps on her passport from all her travels! Thankfully AKC Reunite helped get her home!

Duncan the Daredevil

Duncan, the Lakeland Terrier, was always looking for adventure — and one day his wish was granted. Thanks to AKC Reunite, his exploration ended safely!

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