Welcome Home Nino!

You never know what your pet can do when you’re not looking! That’s why we’re available and standing by the phone 24/7/365 for when your pet disappears.

Nino the four-month old teacup Yorkie gave his owners a scare when they searched the house and couldn’t find him anywhere! They called AKC Reunite to report him lost and we were on stand-by to reunite Nino with his family. Lo and behold, Nino was soon discovered, INSIDE the house! Tucked away in an upstairs closet was Nino, apparently playing his own game of hide and seek! They have no idea how his little legs mastered the stairs but we are happy to hear that Nino is safe at home where he should be!


Nino’s Homecoming

You never know what your pet can do when you're not looking! That's why AKC Reunite is available 24/7/365 for when your pet disappears.

Elena Mae’s Journey Home

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