Oddie the Snow Dog

Winter weather conditions can be unforgiveable for pets, especially during a blistering-cold snowstorm. Thankfully, Oddie the Golden Retriever who was lost for 24 hours in below freezing temperatures, was safely reunited with his family!

One day, Laurene, Oddie’s owner, received a call that her daughter had been in a fender-bender during a recent snowstorm, and in a state of panic left the patio door open during the call. Oddie, noticing the open exit, took off to enjoy a fun day in the snow!

“Oddie had a wireless fence collar on but he blew [right] through it,” said Laurene. “My biggest fear was that Oddie had only his wireless fence collar on…his collar with his identification tags was inside my house. My only hope was if he was turned in somewhere by somebody that eventually he would be scanned for his chip. I also flooded social media [and] the local police departments.”

Thankfully, being a responsible pet owner helped reunite Oddie with his family, nearly 24 hours after he escaped! A good Samaritan found him, lame and disoriented, and after seeing the social media posts, turned him into the local police station. After a quick scan of his microchip, AKC Reunite was contacted to reunite Laurene and Oddie!

Oddie is resting and recovering from a little frost bite from the snow and freezing temperatures, but otherwise is home safe and unharmed! Welcome home, Oddie!


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