Reacher is Reunited!

Reacher is a friendly cat who loves to cuddle inside the comfort of his home, but he’s also pretty sneaky, and loves to pull a fast one and dart out the door to climb trees, chase after small critters, and explore the neighborhood! Reacher is a well-known escape artist that usually returns after an hour or two, meowing incessantly at the front door to be let back inside.

His owners were used to him escaping (they had already been contacted twice by the local humane society, thanks to his microchip), but this time was different. Months passed and his owners began to think Reacher would never be found. But deep down there was a glimmer of hope that his microchip would somehow, someway, reunite them again. And they were right!

“People bring in stray animals to humane societies all the time. I know because I used to work at the SWC Humane Society where Reacher was taken, and I cleaned the cat cages there every morning. Every week I’d come in and clean cages for multiple cats that weren’t there the week before. They could be someone’s pet, but we would never know unless they were chipped,” said Olivia, Reacher’s owner. Thankfully, Reacher was chipped and his five-month stint of being on the run, ended with his microchip being detected at the humane society.

“Reacher clearly loves us, his family, but he wants to see the outside world. And even though I want and try my best to keep him in, sometimes he gets out!” said Olivia. “I cannot stress how happy I am that we microchipped him.”

Pets are curious creatures and even if they run off, more times than not, they aren’t trying to run away. And when they can’t find their way home, they’ll search for a friendly face to take them in. Whether your pet has escaped one time or one-hundred times, your pet’s best protection is a microchip with up-to-date enrollment information with AKC Reunite. So, if your pet does go missing and a Good Samaritan finds them, we can track you down and reunite you with your pet!


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