Xander’s Big Day Out

With a nose like a bloodhound, Xander, the yellow Husky/Lab Mix, is a natural hunter with a knack for catching bunnies, birds, skunks, and his most challenging prey — squirrels.

One afternoon, Xander must have sniffed out a squirrel, and then was determined. He escaped from his fenced-in yard by repeatedly pushing through the chicken wire attached to the split rail fence, and off he went searching for his prey.

Xander’s family reported him lost to animal control, AKC Reunite, their local humane society, the after-hour vet offices, and even posted on social media sites including Nextdoor, and Facebook. They searched on foot and by car for over seven hours, but to no avail.

Brokenhearted, Xander’s family was forced to retire for the night until daylight broke the following morning.

“I woke at 2 a.m. and the sadness started all over again,” said Kerry. “I googled Lost Dogs of Northern Colorado on a whim. My blood pressure shot up as I read the second posting on a site along with a photo of [my] Xander. “’Found….very sweet, neutered male, muddy with bloody paws…Taken to the Human Society.’”

Thanks to some kind-hearted late-night shift workers at a distribution center warehouse, Xander had been found and turned into the local humane society. And thanks to his microchip, could officially be identified as the one and only, Xander!

“We picked him up at our local Humane Society first thing the next morning,” said Kerry. “We received phone calls from the Humane Society and AKC Reunite letting us know he was safely found! [We’re] sograteful for having AKC Reunite in addition to all the social media outlets to share [Xander’s] information!”

We’re happy to report that Xander is back home and back to catching those taunting squirrels or trying too!


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