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Microchip and Scanner Product Warranty

AKC Reunite pet microchip and scanner products carry a 12 month (from date of purchase from AKC Reunite) manufacturer’s warranty against defects in material and workmanship under normal use and service, in accordance with the product specifications. Customer is responsible for the postage to return the product to AKC Reunite.  AKC Reunite will, at its option, repair, exchange or replace the Products during the warranty period. The warranty will not apply if replacement is due to accidents, neglect, abuse, misuse, tampering or intentional damage.  Defacing product may nullify 12 month warranty and or impact delivery time of warranty replacement.

Collar Tag Product Warranty

Nickel Alloy Engraved, Premium Stainless Steel, Basic Aluminum and Standard Collar Tags have an 18-month warranty for normal wear and tear. The warranty does not cover tags that have been lost or chewed. The plastic tag that came with your pet’s microchip provided immediate identification but is not a long term, durable tag.

Reflective Dog Collar Warranty

Reflective Dog Collars have a 6-month warranty for normal wear and tear.