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Check out more happy AKC REUNITE reunions; all made possible thanks to microchips and AKC Reunite collar tags!

Siberian Husky

Sky, the Siberian Husky

Melvin, MI

Reunited in less than one day

Labrador Retriever

Onyx, the Labrador Retriever

Phoenix, AZ

Reunited within 24 hours

Shih Tzu Dog

Bailey Galactica, the Shih Tzu

San Pablo, CA

Reunited in 48 hours

Domestic Medium Hair-Cat

Sydney, the Domestic Medium-Hair

Denver, CO

Reunited in less than 1 hour

Tabby Cat

Nathan II, the Tabby Cat

Chandler, AZ

Reunited in 12 hours

Tuxedo Cat

Eddie, the Tuxedo Cat

La Mirada, CA

Reunited in 3 hours


Ruby, the Pug

Fountain Valley, CA

Reunited in less than one hour

Chula the Minature Pinscher

Chula, the Miniature Pinscher

Chula Vista, CA

Reunited in 3 days

Bailey the Chihuahua

Bailey, the Chihuahua

Arlington, TX

Found in 3 hours with Lost Pet Alert and reunited in 4 days.

Maggie the Catahoula

Maggie, the Catahoula

Media, PA

Reunited in less than 24 hours

Boy Cat the Cat

Boy Cat, the Domestic Short-Hair

Arlington, TX

Reunited in 3 days

Riptide the Lab

Riptide, the Labrador Retriever

Price, UT

Reunited in less than 1 day

Garfield the Cat

Garfield, the Maine Coon

Cart, NC

Reunited in 48 hours

Hurley the Boston Terrier

Hurley, the Boston Terrier

Okeechobee, FL

Reunited in 24 hours with Lost Pet Alert

Millie the Boxer

Millie, the Boxer

Rossmoor, CA

Reunited in 3 hours

PeeWee the Chihuahua

Pee Wee, the Chihuahua

Chicago, IL

Reunited in 4 hours

Donnie the Cavacho

Donnie, the Cavachon

Ladson, SC

Reunited in 6 hours

Kiki the American Shorthair

Kiki, the American Shorthair

Peotone, IL

Reunited in less than an hour

Layla Rose the Bulldog

Layla Rose, the Bulldog

Auburn, CA

Reunited in 1 day

Link the Siamese

Link, the Siamese

Riverside, CA

Reunited in 2 days

Luca the German Shepherd

Luca, the German Shepherd

Jacksonville, NC

Reunited in less than 2 hours

Mellow Davis the Shiba Inu

Mellow Davis, the Shiba Inu

Brooklyn, NY

Reunited in one week

Melvin the Maltese

Melvin, the Maltese

Odessa, TX

Reunited in less than 24 hours

Mojo the Husky

Mojo, the Siberian Husky

Decatur, GA

Reunited in 6 days

Sampson the Tabby

Sampson, the Orange Tabby

Charlotte, NC

Reunited in less than 24 hours

Buddy the Lhasa Apso

Buddy, the Lhasa Apso

Portsmouth, VA

Reunited in 24 hours

Wigeon the Lab

Wigeon, the Labrador Retriever

Pearcy, AR

Reunited in less than 24 hours

Nico and Wiley the Labs

Nico and Wiley, the Labrador Retrievers

New York City, NY

Reunited in less than 3 hours

Chubby the Husky

Chubby, the Husky

Phoenix, AZ

Reunited in a Month

Vinnie the Boxer

Vinnie, the Boxer

Shakopee, MN

Reunited in 2 hours

Shuffles the Shih Tzu Mix

Shuffles, the Shih Tzu Mix

Buffalo, NY

Reunited in less 15 minutes

Deegan the Husky

Deegan, the Husky

Mount Airy, NC

Reunited in less than 5 hours

Harley the Beagle

Harley, the Beagle

Harrington Park, NJ

Reunited in 1 hour

Reggie the Miniature Schnauzer

Reggie, the Miniature Schnauzer

Columbus, OH

Reunited in less than 1 hour

Casey the Lab Mix

Casey, the Lab Mix

Raleigh, NC

Reunited in 1 week

Cash the Labrador Retriever

Cash, the Labrador Retriever

San Antonio, TX

Reunited in less than 1 week

Brown the Husky

Brown, the Husky

Weirton, WV

Reunited in less than 1 day

Hank the Labrador Retriever

Hank, the Labrador Retriever

Tucson, AZ

Reunited in 1 hour

Frank the Shih Tzu

Frank, the Shih Tzu

Houston, TX

Reunited in less than 45 minutes

Wyldeyez the Husky

Wyldeyez, the Husky

Colorado Springs, CO

Reunited in 2 days

Jake the German Shepherd

Jake, the German Shepherd

Fort Worth, TX

Reunited in 12 minutes

Pepper the Schnauzer

Pepper, the Schnauzer

Spring, Texas

Reunited in less than 2 days

Bonnie Girl the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Bonnie Girl, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Chino Valley, AZ

Reunited in less than 45 minutes

Shabba Rankine the Yorkshire Terrier

Shabba Rankine, the Yorkshire Terrier

Dallas, Texas

Reunited in 8 hours

Jake the Cocker Spaniel

Jake, the Cocker Spaniel

Dallas, Texas

Reunited in less than 2 days

Buddah Lopez the Golden Retriever

Buddah Lopez, the Golden Retriever

Hyde Park, MA

Reunited in 30 minutes

Lucy the Labrador Retriever Mix

Lucy, the Labrador Retriever Mix

Raleigh, NC

Reunited in 10 minutes

Chief the Golden Retriever

Chief, the Golden Retriever

Sebastopol, CA

Reunited in less than 2 days

Jack German Shorthaired Pointer

Jack, the German Shorthaired Pointer

Mount Olive, AL

Reunited in less than 8 hours


Jazzi, the Yorkshire Terrier

North Glenn, CO

Reunited in less than 3 days


Dunkel, the German Shorthaired Pointer

Johnson City, TN

Reunited in 1 hour


Beauregard, the Silky Terrier

Conway, SC

Reunited in 3 hours


Pikachu, the Pekingese

Carl Junction, MO

Reunited in 3 hours


Sebastian, the Husky Mix

Irving, TX

Reunited in 15 hours


Roo, the Shih Tzu

Etna, OH

Reunited in 28 hours


Blue, the French Bulldog

Corona, CA

Reunited in 6 hours


Max, the Mix Breed

Ridgefield, NJ

Reunited in 22 hours


Scout, the Vizsla

Gwynedd, PA

Reunited in 3 hours


Bailey, the Golden Retriever

Mansfield, TX

Reunited in less than 6 days


Loui, the Akita

Temecula, CA

Reunited in 1 hour and 10 minutes


Bree, the Beagle

Cary, NC

Reunited in 40 minutes


Ziva, the Calico Cat

Tucson, AZ

Reunited in 19 hours


Luna, the Pomeranian

Township, PA

Reunited in 10 hours


Scooter, the Shih Tzu

Brooklyn, WI

Reunited in 16 minutes


Jay, the German Shorthaired Pointer

Alma, WI

Reunited in 18 minutes


Jax, the Great Dane

Logan, UT

Reunited in 13 hours


Gander Louis Byrd, the Labrador Retriever

Kiln, MS

Reunited in 4 hours


Flame, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Woodinville, WA

Reunited in 23 hours


Adirondack Mountain Arrow Von Lucas Highlands, the German Shepherd

Waymart, PA

Reunited in 10 hours


Kira, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Brighton, MI

Reunited in 8 hours


Hank, the Beagle Mix

Mars, PA

Reunited in 20 minutes


Oliver Gounden, the Shih Tzu

Dallas, Tx

Reunited in 1 day


Molly, the Bluetick Coonhound

Houston, TX

Reunited in less than 2 days


Sagan, the Boston Terrier

Lubbock, TX

Reunited in 1 hour


Bruno, the Puggle

Paramount, CA

Reunited in 15 minutes


Misty, the Pitbull

Cataula, GA

Reunited in 1 day


Goodwoods Good Song Turn-it-up-DJ, the Dachshund

La Center, WA

Reunited in less than 2 hours


Cinnamin Stars Miss Charlotte, the Golden Retriever

Bourne, MA

Reunited in 1 day and 7 hours


Chisel, the Shih Tzu

Jamaica, NY

Reunited in 5 hours


Spike, the Labrador Retriever

Cambridge, MA

Reunited in 30 minutes


Scout, the Mixed Breed

Mesa, AZ

Reunited in 15 hours


Jack, the Shih Tzu

Brentwood, NY

Reunited in 6 hours


Denver, the Golden Retriever

Eau Claire, WI

Reunited in 15 minutes


Zeus, the Miniature Pinscher

Fort Plain, NY

Reunited in 50 minutes


Harley, the Beagle

Cajon, CA

Reunited in 40 minutes


Gianna Kendall, the German Shepherd

Las Vegas, NV

Reunited in less than 5 hours


Putz, the Yorkshier Terrier

Las Vegas, NV

Reunited in 8 hours


Hawkeye, the Golden Retriever Mix

Lexington, SC

Reunited in 10 minutes


Mimsy the cat

Hayward, CA

Reunited in 5 hours


Sandy, the Labrador Retriever

Raleigh, NC

Reunited in 1 hour


Uzziah, the Greyhound

Austin, TX

Reunited in 8 hours


Pearl, the Chihuahua

Portland, MI

Reunited in less than 1 day


Sasha, the Schnauzer

Troy, MO

Reunited in less than 1 day


Coco, the Miniature Pinscher

Tulsa, OK

Reunited in 6 minutes


Fluffy Aguilar, the Beagle

La Habra, CA

Reunited in 1 hour


Duke, the Yorkshire Terrier

Terrytown, LA

Reunited in 5 hours


Chip, the Miniature Schnauzer

Scottsdale, AZ

Reunited in less than 1 day


Topaz, the cat

Brick, NJ

Reunited in 1 hour and 15 minutes


Jake, the German Shorthaired Pointer

Haven, ND

Reunited in 7 hours


Charlie, the Beagle

Miami, FL

Reunited in 7 hours


Piper, the Terrier Mix

Yorkville, IL

Reunited in 3 hours


Ginger, the English Labrador Retriever

Raleigh, NC

Reunited in 30 minutes


Maple, the Calico Cat

Brick, NJ

Reunited in 15 minutes

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