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response starts

at the local level.

Local communities, big and small, are required by the PETS ACT
to have a disaster plan that includes pets.

AKC Reunite is not a first responder emergency management organization and we do not have the staff, materials or mandate to deploy to disaster situations. That is why we created the AKC Pet Disaster Relief program in conjunction with AKC clubs. That program donates essential supplies to the local emergency management agencies so they have what is needed to help local pets during disasters.

A critical link in the chain is AKC club members. You are the experienced dog owners who live in the communities affected by disasters. By following the steps below, you can help pull together your club, AKC, AKC Reunite, emergency management, media and other resources to help pets and show the nation the good work you are doing. Join us today by getting involved!



Clubs engagement is required ahead of time to help pets during disasters

  • Familiarize yourself with how disaster response works by taking this free FEMA online course. This online course and/or similar training is required by law to volunteer during disaster response.
  • Learn your County’s Emergency Management Plan and set up a meeting with the group responsible for pets during disasters.
  • Train with the pet response team so you are approved to assist when disaster strikes.
  • Designate a Club Contact to represent your club to the Emergency Management agency and coordinate volunteers.

Disaster Response authority varies from state-to-state and even county-to-county. For emergency response for pets, the primary point of contact may be a First Responder at the City or County Level, or under direction of Animal Services, or under the direction of a Private/Non-Profit Organization.



Clubs help pets during disasters

  • Club Contact reaches out to County Emergency Contact for disaster response plan and needs.
  • Club Contact shares information with AKC Reunite and AKC® Communications about local disaster, situation on the ground, if a trailer is being deployed and AKC Club involvement via our Storm Response form.
  • AKC will devise a media contact strategy based on actionable events and Club’s disaster response to help pets.
  • Reference AKC PR and Social Media guides for more helpful information to promote your good works locally.



Assess your response plan. What worked? What could have been better?

  • Debrief with Emergency Management Team.
  • Let AKC Reunite know if any trailer items need replenishment. This is another opportunity for a club to be involved helping local officials, and can turn into local media coverage.
  • If no AKC Pet Disaster Relief trailer is in your area, would one have been beneficial?
  • What can your club do next time?

For questions or comments please contact us
at relief@akcreunite.org or 919-816-3980


If your club is interested in the free disaster readiness training kit with the safety vests
and informational brochure, please provide AKC Reunite the following information.

*= required