Denali the Husky

Denali is AKC Reunited! Denali found an opportunity to run (which Huskies love to do!) when her family’s fence was being upgraded. With densely wooded grounds in the surrounding area, her family searched and searched for her and were losing all hope. The next day AKC Reunite called and emailed the very good news that Denali’s microchip had been scanned and she was safe and found! Denali’s owner, Tiffany is ”beyond grateful [...]

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Jake the Australian Shepherd

Reunited in Tennessee When Jake the Australian Shepherd disappeared from his backyard one day in June his owner, Lisa C. from Idaho, immediately began her search for him. Unbeknownst to her, Jake was now in the possession of a hitchhiker who had changed out Jake’s collar tags with new contact information. A truck driver later picked up the pair and Jake’s cross-country road trip from Idaho ended in Memphis, Tennessee -- [...]

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Zena the Pug

Reunited in Wisconsin "We got our beloved Pug Zena back! Thank you for your help in this matter. I was working, had no access to technology & [you contacted] my mom and my daughter. Thank you again & I REALLY appreciate your service, it's WONDERFUL!" – Tammy H, Neenah, WI 

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Malala the Calico Cat

Reunited in Alabama When Anilee B. from  Decatur, Alabama realized her calico cat Malala was missing, she immediately called AKC Reunite to report her as lost. “She always sits on the counter and watches me do my makeup… When she wasn’t in there, something didn’t feel right and we started looking around the house for her but couldn’t find her. This is when I called AKC to report her as missing.” [...]

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Missing Maggie

Reunited in Michigan Mini Golden Doodle, Maggie, vanished from her family’s backyard in 2016 without a trace. When Jillian G. from Freeland, Michigan realized Maggie was missing, she and her family immediately began the search for their beloved Christmas puppy. “We looked for months with no leads, and no luck,” said Jillian.  “With our Michigan winters, we thought she was gone for good.” 19 months after going missing, Maggie was found [...]

Sven the Traveler

Reunited in Alabama "Do you ever hear of or see those stories about pets who have been reunited with their families after crazy amounts of time missing all because of their microchips? I know the first thing you think is, "Well, that's just never gonna happen to me!" Or, "They probably make most of this up to sell microchips." Or, "My dog would never get lost, or be stolen." Let me tell you those are [...]

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Ernie the Escape Artist

Reunited in Colorado "While helping a friend at her 88-year-old mother's house, my 2-year-old German Shepherd decided to test his skills as an escape artist. We had taken my friend's mom out to lunch to celebrate her birthday and left Ernie in the backyard, where he has spent ample time previously. Unfortunately, on this day, he decided to push up the bolt that holds in one side of a large wooden gate door. He then [...]

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Jake’s Story

Reunited in Tennessee "Good afternoon to everyone at AKC Reunite. I wanted to take a moment to express my sincere thanks to everyone on your team. I applied to Reunite about 2 years ago, and in that time one of my best friends and teammate Jake has been reunited with me on 5 separate occasions. Jake is a 4-year-old service dog who works in the HABIT service program at The University Of Tennessee Knoxville. Part [...]

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Quigley’s Great Escape

Reunited in Oklahoma "Our two-year-old boy, Quigley, got out of our yard when the gate was left open after the lawn was mowed. We didn’t discover it for about an hour after the Great Escape! We went into total panic mode! Our search involved three groups starting close and fanning out – but no luck. All I could think of was him getting hit by a car or that I would never see him again. [...]

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The Way Home for Mr. Wilson

Reunited in Washington "There was still fresh snow and we had an icy driveway. Our dog, Mr. Wilson, did not come when called. We checked in all directions for prints in the fresh snow. We called and visited neighbors to alert them. He had vanished. We were totally puzzled and prayed he would stay safe and have a good home if he was picked up..... Mr. Wilson was found a quarter mile from our house [...]

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