Rambunctious Roxie

Eager for exploration and some trouble, Roxie, the six-month-old Labrador, decided to take a trip…to the local police station.

Roxie’s owner Gene was working around the garage, when it felt quiet, too quiet.

Champ, one of two six-month-old Labrador pups, was chewing on a bone undisturbed, which is why Gene knew something was wrong — normally Champ and Roxie are active together all the time. Noticing the absence of Roxie, Gene started calling for her, walking around the fenced-in yard and throughout the house.

“I thought she might have been trapped in the house, sneaking in behind me as I was going back and forth. Not trapped in a closet or the basement, it started to dawn on me that we had a problem. I went around the fence again to see if any new escape holes had materialized but found nothing. Now really concerned, I put Champ on a leash and started around the neighborhood calling for Roxie, still with no success.

I circled larger and went to the first main road, seeing nothing in the street. I continued with this until a woman (that I did not know), asked if I lost a black dog with a pink collar. She then said a man had seen her on the run a block away, coaxed her into his car, and was taking her to the local police station since he had asked several people if they knew the owner, and was told no.

I called the police and asked if a dog had been brought in, and was told yes, she was entertaining all the officers right at that moment. I said I’d be right down, but the Good Samaritan who picked her up said he’d be glad to bring her back, which he did. Then I got a call from AKC Reunite asking if I lost a dog, since she had been found (and her microchip had been scanned!), and details on where I could find her. Right about then, the Good Samaritan pulled up with Roxie.

I could not thank these people enough! And I could not have been more amazed at how fast Roxie was identified and I was contacted by AKC Reunite!”

Gene later discovered the spot in the fence that Roxie climbed over (caught in the act this time!) so Gene has since added another 18 inches of fence height to the spot, to hopefully keep Roxie from roaming again.

We are so happy to hear that Roxie is home safely and that local police officers are joining in to help scan pets and bring them home!


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