Valentine’s Day Pet Do’s and Don’ts

Valentine's Day Do's and Dont's By Charlotte Flint, DVM Staff Veterinarian at Pet Poison Helpline Do find safe gifts to show your pet Valentine’s Day love!  A new collar, treats, or toys can all be great gifts for your pet on Valentine’s day.  Valentine’s Day can also be a great time to try a new dog or cat treat recipe or make a new toy.  If your pet is already swimming in toys and [...]

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Dangers of Essential Oils for Pets

Essential Oils and Your Pet are Like Oil and Water – They Don’t Mix What are essential oils? Essential oils are volatile, organic constituents of plants that contribute to fragrance and taste.  They are extracted from plants via distillation or cold pressing. Essential oils are utilized in a variety of ways in varying concentrations: as insecticides, in aromatherapies, personal care products (e.g., antibacterials), flavorings, herbal remedies and liquid potpourri. Though helpful for your own [...]

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The Dangers of Xylitol

Xylitol provides many human health benefits, making it a common active or inactive ingredient in your medicine cabinet, pantry, and purse. Take special care and keep these potentially toxic products away from your pets!

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